NO/BS Conference Vol. 1 & 2.

About the Project


The NO/BS brand has carved a new niche for business events – a triple award-winning digital event targeting not only digital minds but curious minds of all industries with a firm emphasis on keeping it real and sharing stories of resilience,humanity at work, innovation, and downright hard work.


The world of digital can be a lonely place. Hours spent in front of a computer screen only amplified by a spree of lockdowns. Our work feels stale, uninspired; needing more. And so a conference comes along. You click attend and tune into some fluffy, self-help pipedreams that leave you feeling equal parts uninspired and empty. And now you’re wondering, “I just shelled out a bomb to hear someone’s disjointed life story, and I still feel unmotivated. Where are the facts? Where are the failures? Where are the proven methods—and more importantly—the inspiration to improve my work, start that side hustle, and become a better colleague and person?”

How do we get unstuck? How can we reignite our creative minds to action?

The NO/BS brand and team behind the brand came back in 2022 (post covid) to provide Volume 2 of the NO/BS Brand Event, held in Melbourne, an unfiltered, honest, and inspiring account of life in digital. A gathering of creative minds, directors, designers, and industry leaders sharing their real stories on life, work, and everything in between.

It was time for another “Digital Reality Check”.

The Stakeholders:

  • Jason Soultan, Founder of NO/BS, The brains behind the brand & the content 
  • We Are Phoenix - Event Agency end to end delivery | Major Partner | Sponsorship Acquisition

The Event:

  • The Forum, Melbourne
  • 2 days
  • Single stage with 1 track of content
  • 18 International & local speakers
  • Activations and audience engagement
  • Networking event at the end of  Day 1, hosted by one of our partners QT Melbourne
  • After party at the Forum end of Day 2
  • 3 x Exclusive workshops in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane with Emmy Award winning Chris Do (keynote speaker from NO//BS)

The results

  • Multi award winning conference from its inaugural debut
  • SOLD OUT 2 day event
  • Plus sold out Workshop series in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane were created with Emmy Award winning key note speaker Chris Do



NO/BS Conference has won 3 awards



From all over the world have spoken at NO/BS Volume 1 & 2


Global Events

Since the first conference in 2020, NO/BS has now run successful events around Australia as well as Dubai and Vancouver.

What the client had to say

“What sets them apart from other agencies is their complete commitment to the client and their drive to deliver. The team live and breathe the Phoenix values of experience, loyalty, authenticity, and transparency.”

Jason Soultan
Founder & Director

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