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Creative design studio.

We have the best local creative minds delivering experiential concepts and asset curation.

Not only do we design on a deeper level including cutting edge innovation, we also have a responsibility for wider impact. There are increasing layers of impacts beyond where the event simply takes place. Events can no longer just consider economic sustainability. They also need to consider their environmental and social impact as attendees are increasingly aware of these impacts. Therefore, the event design needs to consider the different facets of potential effects that surround each event.

We work closely with our clients to create concept designs for each project that not only meet the budget & objective but they also meet our social & environmental objectives. We will work through a storyboard & concept design with our clients to ensure the particular event asset, activation or installation experience is on point and goes beyond our clients expectations.

Our in-house creative team consists of; creative direction, lead designers, graphic designers, 3D animators, renderers, copy writers, visual / sound & lighting / visual artists, content creators, video & photography production.

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