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Weddings are increasingly an opportunity for the bride and groom to create a celebration that is uniquely theirs, rather than simply conforming to a set tradition. Gone are the days of confetti, an obligatory white dress, and a sit down meal with a choice of chicken or beef. Couples are designing their wedding day with fun activities and creative elements that show their personalities and provide entertainment for their guests.

There’s no end to the ways you can theme your wedding, but if you’re looking for some tips on where to start your wedding planning, read on.

Dream Your Day

First things first – It’s time for inspiration. There’s plenty of time to get bogged down in the details. The first part of wedding planning is to identify what type and style of wedding you want. Look at Pinterest and wedding planning sites for styling and theme ideas.

If you start feeling overwhelmed and pulled in multiple style directions, it’s a good idea to write down what you don’t want. When considering a particular theme, ask yourself whether it ‘fits’ you as a couple. For example, if you want a very contemporary, glamorous wedding dress, the rustic wedding theme with burlap and mason jars, while adorable, may not be right. You may be better to go for something more sophisticated and glam.

You may find it helpful to start with one element – your dress,  a particular flower, or a venue you’ve got in mind. You can then build your wedding theme around the colours and style of that single element.

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Trending Wedding Ideas

Wedding planning trends and themes come and go. The latest trends include a continuing move to luxury and glamour, as well as vintage glamour. This includes lots of shimmery golds and dusty pinks, sequins, metallics, sparkles, and agate rocks.

Wedding trends are influenced by broader design trends and colours because they touch on interiors as well as fashion. Pastels, as well as deep greens are increasingly taking centre stage for weddings.

Everything In Its Place

It sounds boring, but the key to planning is having everything in it’s place. Save all your ideas, as well as quotes, contacts, schedules and reminders in one location. Write yourself a timeline, divided into 3 monthly blocks of time and include everything.

Use Google drive to organise everything online and get access anywhere. The earlier you start with this habit, the easier it will become as the day draws closer.

Budget Rules

So you want the tables draped in swathes of shimmery silk, chandeliers, and you want to arrive in a gilded carriage? Great, but you’re never going to know whether you can hire the gilded carriage or afford those amazing centre pieces if you don’t first work out your budget.

There are so many extras that look truly amazing, so you need to be diligent in sticking to your budget. If you’re not, you’ll find your budget blowing out in no time. Your wedding should be a time when you can indulge your imagination, however, so if you discover you haven’t allocated enough for something you really want, make a commitment to cut back on something else.

Wedding Planning, We Are Phoenix | Awarded Australia's Best Events Agency

Venue Selection

Setting a date and booking the venue are the first wedding planning items to tick off the list.

Wedding venues book up a long way in advance, so book your venue as soon as you can. Some people find reception centres a little sterile. More interesting wedding venues include restaurants and bars in out-of-the-way locations. You may choose a location that has sentimental value. It might be a beautiful building, garden, or warehouse that provides an interesting focal point or backdrop to build a theme and create a romantic atmosphere. It may be your own garden!

Entertainment & Fun

No longer does wedding entertainment have to include just a band or DJ. Depending on the venue and your budget, choose entertainment that gets your guests involved and having fun. Food stations are popular for people to create their own desserts. Lawn games like croquet get people interacting, and circus entertainment brings some extra magic to a magical day. Photo booths that create gifs and Instagram video edits are also becoming a popular way to create a fun wedding day vibe.


When choosing a photographer, make sure you meet them and you feel comfortable so you look as relaxed and natural as possible in your photos.

Getting Help

No matter whether your wedding is small and intimate or a large party of several hundred people, you will most likely need help. If you can find a friend who can help on the day with the running schedule, it will allow you more time to enjoy your day. After all – this is about YOU!

You can also get professional assistance from a wedding planner, who can help you with the smallest details, is an expert at wedding theming, knows the best venues and has access to a ton of entertainment options to suit your individual style.

For assistance with wedding planning Melbourne, contact Phoenix Creative Management. We specialise in bespoke, unique weddings in out-of-the-way, and funky locations.

AUTHOR: Amber Coupe
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