ANMF Virtual Conference 2021

Project Description


ANMF Virtual Conference | 6 May 2021 – 7 May 2021


The Australian Nurses & Midwifery Federation Virtual Conference was originally meant to be an in person event. Given the traumatic year front line workers have and still are being subjected to, this event was an opportunity to give back to their staff in such a difficult time. Highlight to them how much they are valued, respected and honored. As an event agency specialising in Virtual Events, it was our job to create a 2 day virtual conference, delivered seamlessly with high audience engagement & interaction. 

The event spread across 2 days with a jam packed agenda with up to 50 speakers presenting virtually from their homes including keynote guest speaker Magda Skubanski, in addition to this the event was hosted by 2 MC’s and was privileged to have the Australian Nurses & Midwifery Scrub Choir perform on day 1 who performed live and streamed directly into people’s homes from our event space at creative cubes. The 2 days were split into two different themes, Day 1 focusing on Health, Environment & Sustainability and Day 2 focusing on Wellness. The content was relevant, moving and informative – consisted of videos, panels, live Q&A after each presentation/session. 

In addition to an impressive stream of content the event itself was housed in a virtual platform setting where attendees could access the ‘ANMF VIRTUAL HUB’ where all the live streamed action was taking place, attendees logged into the virtual hub and were instantly greeted with a vibrant branded virtual space where they could view live sessions, attend live fireside chats, chat to other attendees, visit virtual sponsor exhibition booths, access sponsors for live Q&A chats, access to sponsor and event videos & information – the virtual hub & content was available to ticket holders for 90 days after the event.


The Brief

The aims of The Australian Nurses & Midwifery Federation was to see a large attendance rate from industry professionals in this space, create a virtual event that had a lasting impact on its attendees and high engagement & interaction with the speakers and attendees.

We achieved a high attendance rate of close to 2000 attendees across the 2 days, with a 95% log-in rate to the virtual hub platform and we maintained over 92% attendance throughout the duration of the entire event.

By creating the bespoke virtual hub, which was customised with the event branding, immediately made the attendees feel like this was a virtual event with a difference and created a lasting impression from the very beginning. The content was honest and interesting which also created a lasting impression, even at times, emotional, providing the attendees a safe space to contribute their thoughts and feelings in the live Q&A. This authentic setting for Q&A made it very easy to create an event that had high audience engagement, facilitated by a world class virtual hub attendees commented, speakers and sponsors commented throughout and post event on how much interaction and engagement there was.


The Solution

The event delivered an outstanding experience due to;

  • The world class virtual hub, custom designed platform where both days had separate branding which looked highly professional, easy to navigate and a great first impression
  • The MCs, entertainment and guest speakers that were live streamed directly from our studio space were filmed in High Definition cameras with our experienced production team providing a seamless audio & visual experience. The audience felt like they were watching a television broadcast, not just a boring zoom feed.
  • The content was carefully curated with interesting, relevant and informative speakers providing our attendees with tools and resources they need to carry on with their work.
  • Celebrity keynote speaker Magda Skubanski provided a fantastic authentic session where attendees got an opportunity to ask Magda direct questions and interact with her in a live forum.
  • The virtual hub and live Q&A provided the attendees with an extremely safe space to contribute, share stories, ask hard hitting questions.
  • The performance by the Australian Nurses & midwives Scrub choir, was incredibly moving and a brilliant way to kick off the event – certainly left an outstanding lasting impression with everyone involved, given how hard this pandemic has hit everyone to see the resilience of the front live workers and how compassionate and selfless they are – this performance was very special.


The Results

The Australian Nurses & Midwifery Federation were the main stakeholder and the event met their needs by an overwhelming attendance rate across the 2 days, with over 92% attendance. Incredible positive comments poured in throughout and post event from speakers and attendees praising the event.

The sponsors, HESTA, Aware Super & Nurses, Midwives Health. Were the other three major stakeholders who were especially happy with the engagement they received from the virtual event hub. Audience engagement being their number one objective, this was delivered in abundance with the full use of the virtual hub the sponsors were able to interact with the attendees more regularly than an in person event. They could also get accurate reporting on attendee tracking and receive authentic and accurate leads with contact information instantaneously.


Client or Attendee Quote/Testimonial:

“To the Phoenix Team,

Thank you again to everyone for all the hard work that went into last week’s events in such a short time frame. I have received some great feedback from speakers and delegates, they thoroughly enjoyed the program and the virtual hub was fantastic. We look forward to working with your team again.”


Kiri Graham
Events Officer
Australian Nurses & Midwifery Federation

“The team at Phoenix is exceptional! They really know their events and are true partners to their clients – which is clear in the passion they have throughout the design, development and delivery of events. We had a great time working with the team at Phoenix, who consistently delivered unique, engaging, and modern events, especially during one of the most challenging times in our industry. There was no problem too big and no hurdle too high for them. We are excited to continue building our partnership with Phoenix and witness the amazing experiences they create for their clients.”


Enrrique Sanchez
Business Development Manager
Cvent Mobile Solutions

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Conference Management, Virtual Event

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