Michelin X Multi Z2 Virtual Product Launch

Project Description


Michelin | X Multi Z2 Virtual Product Launch | 2 August 2021



Michelin had a new commercial tyre product to launch to the Australian market, which had already been launched in other markets around the world.  They had a large amount of internationally produced content, but wanted to bring a uniquely Australian feel to the launch to connect with their local audience and demonstrate the benefits of their new tyre to the Australian trucking market.  They wanted an event agency who could deliver a highly professional, memorable and compelling virtual launch experience for their audience.


The Brief

Michelin decided to hold a virtual launch event to cater for their geographically dispersed audience and for Covid safety.  It was important to Michelin that the event balanced their professional global brand image & content, with a distinctly Australian flavour and message.


Their older, male audience is not necessarily comfortable with virtual event technology,  so they wanted an event platform that was secure, simple and provided the content & call to action they needed.


Michelin’s goals were to successfully launch the X Multi Z2 Steer Tyre to the Australian market – the first virtual launch ever conducted by Michelin Australia – generating awareness of the product, Michelin’s global innovation & sustainability targets and to generate demand for the new product.


The Solution

We Are Phoenix worked closely with Michelin’s product marketing team to design a memorable, professional and authentic virtual experience for their product launch event.  The Cvent platform was utilised due to its highly customisable modules and ability to manage registration, event communications & event delivery.


The Cvent platform was fully customised with Michelin & product branding to provide a professional, on brand experience from the initial invitation to register for the event, the registration platform, the follow up emails & reminders through to the virtual attendee hub for the event to be live streamed.  Product videos, information sheets, event details & the opportunity for attendees to learn more, were all housed on the platform for the event.


To provide the local voice & ‘Aussie flavour’ to the event, we created two pre-recorded videos with professional MC Luke Huysmans and two key Michelin Australia leaders, to introduce the brand innovation, sustainability & product development history, along with the detailed features and benefits of the new tyre.   The videos were made up of a mix of internationally produced content, customer testimonials from Australian trucking operators and animation created by our team specifically for the virtual launch event.  Pre-recording this content allowed us to have control over the messaging and production.  


One the day we used Luke Huysmans again to MC the event live, welcoming and anchoring the audience at the live event,  introducing pre-recorded content and conducting a live Q&A with audience questions during the event.  


Prior to the event, we sent every registered guest a branded gift box containing a snack to enjoy during the event, Michelin merchandise & a ‘Bingo’ game card to play during the event.  


The audience was challenged to watch and listen throughout the event to mark off the squares of the bingo game, for the chance to win prizes.  This was a technique to increase engagement and improve the audience’s understanding of the features and benefits of the product. The audience were highly engaged by the bingo game.


The Phoenix team developed and executed a detailed plan to ensure the success of the Michelin X Multi Z2 Virtual Product Launch. This included:

  • Testing and selecting the most appropriate virtual event platform.
  • Management of the Virtual Event Platform – Cvent – including site set up, registration landing page/ registration management, virtual event hub set up, ongoing updates and on-the-day management. 
  • Sourcing and managing videographers for live HD streaming – including onsite management of the team.
  • Developing technical runsheets for the virtual conference and for the onsite filming.
  • Venue sourcing, and venue management for live HD streaming. 
  • Regular WIP meetings with all relevant parties.
  • Multiple speaker briefings and technical rehearsals.
  • Management of pre-recorded content.
  • Collecting, collating, and managing all Presentation Assets including multiple videos and presentation slides
  • Development of Audience and Speaker Technical FAQ documents.
  • Regular email marketing to registered attendees to maximise pre-event engagement.
  • Risk analysis on all potential issues.
  • On-the-day management by a dedicated team  inc: staff management, catering, live streaming, speaker management, virtual event hub engagement and content uploads, MC management and client liaison. 
  • Recording each virtual presentation for post-event use.
  • Development of post-event highlights reel.


The Results

The Michelin X Multi Z2 was a great example of how professional internationally produced content can be blended with the local voice to create an engaging, entertaining, memorable and compelling experience for the audience.   This event was  a creative, logistical & technical challenge which enabled the Phoenix team to exercise all our innovation, organisation, vision and desire for excellence.  


Attracting 323 registrations for their first Australian virtual product launch exceeded expectations.   This Virtual Product Launch provided Michelin with a very strong start to it’s campaign to sell this new product and the content created can be used for a range of future marketing activities.  The Michelin Team were thrilled  with the quality of production, creativity and expert virtual event delivery the Phoenix team brought to the X Multi Z2 Virtual Product Launch.



Client or Attendee Quote/Testimonial:

“ Thank you to all 3 and your team who worked on the launch. Really good work on its delivery. A special thanks to Luke as well. He did really good work yesterday to bring everything together. ”

Doriane Desverchere
Product Marketing Manager

Project Details

Conference Management, Virtual Event

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