Regis Leadership Day 2021

Project Description


After another year of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, Regis Aged Care was one of the many organisations that had been forced to adapt the way their facilities & leadership operated during the pandemic.

Each year, Regis brings all their leaders around the country together, to give them a day to reflect on their roles and look to the year ahead. To ensure full attendance and the safety of their team, the Regis Leadership Day was once again held virtually.


The Brief

For the second year, Regis engaged the We Are Phoenix team to produce their Leadership Day virtually. With close to 300 virtual attendees, 2 keynote speakers and the important reveal & workshopping of their brand new ‘Leadership Capability Framework’, Regis required a high level of technical online event delivery to ensure that all their attendees were engaged for the full day.

Regis asked Phoenix to source entertainment, a graphic recorder, create and develop holding slides as well as a word cloud function to capture key messages on the day,  provide the event platform and full AV & technical virtual event delivery on the day.

One request from Regis was to create an event that was memorable for their Regis Leaders as they have spent the last year going through the motions of a global pandemic and the effect it has had on their workplace.


The Solution

Working alongside Regis, Phoenix executed a highly involved virtual event, one that relied on attendees engagement and participation. In order to do this, Phoenix were responsible for the following:

  • Sourcing entertainment to break up the content being delivered during the day; Brihony Dawson’s Lip Sync Battle and Jessamy Gee’s Graphic Recording
  • Creating the event platform via Zoom
  • Developing technical run sheets, stage manager briefs, speaker briefing, technical run throughs, holding slides, MC Notes and word cloud creation
  • Technical management in the lead up to the event, in collaboration with Regis IT team, including a Zoom run through with all Regis attendees
  • Creating and Managing break out rooms on the event day with multiple stage managers looking after each group and recording participant feedback.


The Results

  • Approximately 300 registrations
  • Lip Sync Battle had brilliant engagement with Regis attendees getting creative with their performances and costumes.
  • 11 preset breakout rooms to ensure that the Leadership Capability Framework was workshopped adequately in small groups, this was further supported through stage managers acting as scribes during the session
  • Jessamy Gee captured a fantastic graphic recording, highlighting key components of the Regis Leadership Day
  • 2 Keynote speakers, Genevive Hawkins and Rachael Robertson. Rachel Robertson, closed out the day with a meaningful presentation about leadership, during this session the chat function was being used by attendees to ask questions and make comments.


“I have attended many leadership days and today has been magnificent!!!!! Thank you to everyone who prepared our day.”
Regis Attendee


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