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Marketers are continually seeking to educate, engage, inspire and create demand for their products and services.  We have an array of channels and tools with which to communicate to our audiences.  But how can you powerfully and memorably engage in conversation and community, positioning your organisation at the top of the consideration list for your business audience?  Host an event.

Events open up the door to a more meaningful relationship with your audience.  Be that an intimate breakfast event for your top 20 prospects, to dive deep on a subject that you specialise in.  Or hosting a conference for your 800 most loyal customers, providing them with the insider information on the next big trends, challenges and opportunities that your organisation is best placed to help them overcome.  Events bring your brand to life, enabling your organisation to showcase what makes you different in a memorable and human way.

Audiences today are bombarded with messaging in channels that are easy to ‘tune out’ of and ignore.  But an embossed envelope containing and invitation to an exclusive event is hard to ignore.  A traditional approach to engaging ‘in person’ is a way for you to develop a deeper relationship with your audience and provide them with an experience of your brand, beyond anything an Instagram Story or Email could possibly deliver.

Communication before and after the event is crucial to B2B event success.  Creating excitement and anticipation prior to the event, is all part of the journey to engaging your customers more deeply with your brand.  Marketing automation tools such as Marketo can assist in providing targeted communication before and after the event, based on the customers’ behaviour and lead score, assisting in conversion and continuing the conversation with your audience well after the event has finished.

Events can deliver solid return on investment well beyond the initial objective of the event has been delivered, providing the opportunity for an ongoing relationship with your audience.

Phoenix Creative Management are uniquely experienced in developing the bespoke concept design, flawless delivery of every detail of the event and supporting or fully implementing the marketing strategy around the event to ensure full registration, high event attendance and high-quality lead conversion objectives are met.

SXiQ Case Study

SXiQ had an objective to provide education and services to their audience on the tools of the Intelligent Workplace.  We designed two breakfast events, targeted at senior level IT executives.  Phoenix Creative Management took care of the invitation design, selected the perfect venue, catering, AV, room layout, run sheet and carried out the follow up communications to different segments of the audience, driving visits to the SXiQ Insights Blog and supporting the sales team in sales conversion activities.

The ROI on this event was 500% and has succeeded in raising the education level and awareness of their Intelligent Workplace offering, providing a springboard for SXiQ to deepen and develop relationships with 100 senior level customers at Bluechip organisations.


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