Super Bowl LVIII - has done it again!

February 15, 2024

Taking centre stage not only as a pinnacle of athletic competition but also as a groundbreaking event in environmental consciousness. This year, for the first time ever, the organisers decided to power the event with 100% renewable energy, setting a new standard for large-scale gatherings. It's not just a win for the Kansas City Chiefs, but for sustainability too! Ridiculously impressive!

According to this article, the event was the first Super Bowl to be powered entirely by renewable energy, an incredible feat considering the sheer amount of electricity needed to keep the lights on in a stadium that seats up to 65,000 fans.

By showcasing the importance of sustainability on a global stage, Super Bowl LVIII is setting the benchmark for sustainable events everywhere. As an event agency that prioritises sustainability, it's heartening to see such a high-profile event prioritise environmental responsibility. Let's applaud this significant step towards a greener future and continue to prioritise environmental consciousness in all aspects of life.