We Are Phoenix Re-Brand

April 3, 2023

A word from our Founder & Managing Director Amber Coupe.

It fills me with overwhelming happiness to share the next evolution of We Are Phoenix with you.

Ten years ago I started with the objective to build a small business out of an enormous passion for creating memorable experiences, something of my own that could help contribute financial support to our family and perhaps make a difference in the community. It was an ambitious goal, no safety net, a barely finished website, a launch event my husband and I completely boot strapped ourselves. As time went on, I knew the desk space in the living room I was sharing with our little boys Max & Remy (without maternity leave mind you) was being outgrown, fast! I strapped in and leapt off the cliff in the hope that Phoenix would fly.

I didn’t know then, that We Are Phoenix (initially called Phoenix Creative Management) would be what it is today – approaching 20 staff with two agency locations in Queensland and Victoria. A year ago my husband Ben Coupe, who had been supporting Phoenix in the background, moved into the cockpit with me as our CEO. That one really came out of left field, but has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Finding incredible people to work with who are as passionate about the business as I am quite literally helps me bound out of bed each and every morning, and I’ve been fortunate to have found many along the way.

It goes without saying Phoenix wouldn’t be where it is today without the incredible support from our loyal clients and suppliers. On that note, I would like to call out the following clients & advocates who have had strong voices for Phoenix believing in the agency from the beginning and have helped us level up along the way. Over the next few months we are heading into a fantastic new chapter, a fresh new look & feel, a new website dropping mid-year and a series of well overdue in-person events to celebrate the next evolution of We Are Phoenix. We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support from our network. Thank you & stay tuned!

Thanks to Jason Soultan and the team at Soul+Wolf for helping us bring the new brand to life.