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Weddings are increasingly an opportunity for the bride and groom to create a celebration that is uniquely theirs, rather than simply conforming to a set tradition. Gone are the days of confetti, an obligatory white dress, and a sit down meal with a choice of chicken or beef. Couples are designing their wedding day with fun activities and creative elements that show their personalities and provide entertainment for their guests.

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Producing a great event is a bit like a great recipe. It needs a balance of flavours. It’s important to provide high quality content and speakers at a professional event, to give people ‘nutritional’ value, but also balance it with some sweetness or spice. It’s the entertainment that will add the spice and give your event an edge. And the sweeter the better for maximum impact!

Better Corporate Event Planning

Corporate events are increasingly part of each year’s planning schedule for businesses. If you want to reinvigorate your passion for events and get the most out of them, there are some basic things you should always remember. Events also follow trends and you can improve your own events and get inspiration from seeing what others are doing.  This week’s blog covers some basic corporate event planning tips and ideas to improve the results you get from your corporate functions in 2017.

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