How I got here - April Parker

January 3, 2024

"I found a passion for creating intangible value for organisations and their brands".

Introducing April Parker, our Senior Project Coordinator. April’s positive and fun-loving energy shines brightly, uplifting those around her. She is a valued member of our team so we asked April to share her story so far.

“I began my work with WAPH a little over a year ago. It has been a journey of growth and learning, starting from an Event Assistant and now operating as a Senior Project Coordinator.

Originally a hospo queen with experience in events as a wedding planner, it was while I was studying business and marketing that I realised how much a holistic approach to marketing aligned with my personal values. I found a passion for creating intangible value for organisations and their brands by fostering things like culture, celebration, and excitement through the medium of events.

Throughout my career, I have only ever worked for small businesses, and at We Are Phoenix, I have been able to enjoy the trust, community, and career progression that working in a small team enables while creating a large market impact through our client work.

I have always felt very strongly about the importance of work-life balance. I think Australia's events and hospitality industries have a lot of work to do to encourage healthy workplace behaviours. Working at We Are Phoenix, I have begun to take advantage of the opportunities to create value internally in our own organisational culture. I have really only just started to appreciate the personal value I gain from taking on roles of leadership and am excited to work with our management team to feel confident in my skills as a leader and to create a positive impact on the careers of others.

I have had so many fun experiences during my time at We Are Phoenix and I’m looking forward to creating many more of the same moving forward.”