Better corporate event planning in 2017

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Better Corporate Event Planning

Corporate events are increasingly part of each year’s planning schedule for businesses. If you want to reinvigorate your passion for events and get the most out of them, there are some basic things you should always remember. Events also follow trends and you can improve your own events and get inspiration from seeing what others are doing.  This week’s blog covers some basic corporate event planning tips and ideas to improve the results you get from your corporate functions in 2017.

What’s Your Purpose?

It’s really important to have a clear goal for your corporate function, and continually check during the event planning phase that every detail contributes to and supports that goal. This may sound really obvious, but with so many details, it can be surprisingly easy to lose perspective.

Be sure to choose the right event for your purpose:

  • Launch: A launch is a great opportunity to show the world who you are and gain valuable exposure. It’s an opportunity to have current and potentially new customers and clients spreading the word about how great you are.

    Maximise the impact  of  a launch by getting your partners and sponsors involved and showcasing their value. When you collaborate with other local businesses and partners that align with your brand, everyone benefits. It doubles, triples, the value! And there’s nothing like the positive vibe of a room filled with people who are as passionate about the outcome as you are.

  • Networking: A simple event to gain exposure is to host a networking event. This is an opportunity to make an impression while keeping costs and planning requirements to a minimum.
  • Charity Gala or Breakfast: A charity gala or a business breakfast with a speaker is a great way to gain valuable publicity for your business. It’s an opportunity to associate your brand with something or someone that you really care about. Make sure the topic or particular charity is something that is well matched with your business brand.
  • Awards Event: If you want to reward people within your organisation, an awards night or cocktail party is a great way to make people special and celebrate.
  • Conference: Hosting a conference and bringing people together to share knowledge and foster networks, will help build your reputation as a knowledge leader.


Woo Them

Make sure, when you promote your event, you give people a compelling reason to attend. An event that doesn’t clearly sell itself may struggle to generate interest. People need a compelling reason to give up their day or evening and fork out for a ticket. Are you celebrating someone or something? Are you offering an amazing night of entertainment? Will people make valuable connections with others? Are they going to learn something valuable?

And remember, there are so many events nowadays vying for people’s attention. An event that offers something different will stand out from the rest.


corporate event planning 2017


Steady Wins The Race

Successful corporate event planning involves allowing enough time for everything to come together.

On a super tight timeline, you’ll be rushing to get the basics done and there will be no time to think of any flourishes. What people often remember about a great function or event is the small details that make them feel special and have obviously taken time and thought.

Make sure there is enough time between promotional activities, so that people don’t feel bombarded and your promotions don’t look desperate. It’s not a good idea to harass people with emails multiple times a week. Promotion needs to be consistent, without being annoying.


Do It Differently – Activations!

Activations are another great way of getting people more actively involved in your event. When people get involved physically they feel more a part of what’s going on. For example, provide make-up stations, shoe shining, food trucks, caricature artists and run competitions. When you cater to the diverse interests of your guests it all contributes to creating a rich, memorable experience.

Digital offers another dimension to your event. Engage people through their mobiles and on social media platforms.

If you can, take the time to find a venue that is off the beaten track or provides a setting that is intriguing.

A recent trend for corporate event planning is to create opportunities for people to participate who are unable to attend. An opening, keynote address, Q and A or “Ask me Anything” segment can be broadcast live on Facebook for those people who can’t attend in person. Not only can you reach more people, but you are building your online community at the same time as you engage people in the real world.


corporate event planning, We Are Phoenix | Awarded Australia's Best Events Agency

Get The Professional Assistance You Need

You may have the capability to do your own corporate event planning, but like most businesses you may be time poor and not have the resources to devote to it. Luckily there are professional event management companies who are skilled in all aspects of corporate event planning, who can help out.

Investing in a professional to run your corporate event is worth it to ensure your business achieves and exceeds your goals. Professional corporate conferences, expos, charity galas and business dinners, require detailed planning and someone with a track record of knowing how to engage people, generate ticket sales and importantly promote and represent you without compromising your brand.

Phoenix Creative Management works with some of Melbourne’s biggest corporate names, as well as smaller businesses delivering highly professional conferences, expos, charity galas and smaller events.

If you need assistance with corporate event planning, contact us.

AUTHOR: Amber Coupe
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