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Producing a great event is a bit like a great recipe. It needs a balance of flavours. It’s important to provide high quality content and speakers at a professional event, to give people ‘nutritional’ value, but also balance it with some sweetness or spice. It’s the entertainment that will add the spice and give your event an edge. And the sweeter the better for maximum impact!


Let’s Get Physical

It’s true that when you connect with people on a physical level, it stays with them. It’s one of the reasons why people always remember whether the food was good or bad.

People remember events when they’re moved to laughter, are effected emotionally, are amazed, or can’t help getting up and moving. If you make the entertainment something they haven’t experienced before and it has an impact, it will be even more memorable.


Lights, Music, Action – Make It Visual

Trends in event entertainment are constantly changing as expectations keep rising for more and more ways to excite guests. The good news is that there’s a lot of amazing, visually stunning event entertainment happening to give you inspiration for your next corporate event.

So what type of event entertainment should you consider? The latest trend for professional event entertainment is for creative, visual performances. This type of visual entertainment creates a distinct mood, with drama, costumes, a huge range of professional performers, music and lights.


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Bring The Circus To Town

Everyone loves to be amazed by death defying feats and demonstrations of extraordinary physical skill. But you don’t need to bring the entire circus tent to your next event. The circus is filled with so many different characters and skills and a sprinkling of any one of them will give your event colour and a sense of excitement.

Forget about stumbling clowns in red noses, or circus freaks. Circus entertainment for business and corporate events consists of impressive professional shows of gymnastic ability and strength, costumes, music and lights.

Choose from amazing, visually stunning floor shows, or one or two roaming entertainers. Clowns, unicyclists, jugglers, contortionists, gymnasts and hula hoopers. The size and type of circus entertainment can be tailored to suit a corporate or private party, a product launch or a larger charity dinner.



If circus isn’t quite what your event demands, but you want something different that will delight your guests, there are plenty of other options.

There are a number of individual and group performers who provide entertainment that is visually captivating. For example, performers who dress as statues, or as an extension of the table decorations and perform amongst the crowd as people chat and mingle.

This type of event entertainment provides a visually interesting backdrop and is very successful in creating a sense of fun and creativity.


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Lights & Laser Beams

When most people think about a laser light show, they think of dance parties. But Laser light shows have been adopted for a huge range of professional events. They are perfect for events that take place at night and they can occur outside or inside a venue.

LED light shows consist of colourful beam effects which are cast across a room and over people’s heads and the use of screen effects. LED Screen projects allow all sorts of storytelling, combined with music and animation to be projected against a surface, like a wall or floor or entire building. Take a look at this recent opening of an H&M store in Copenhagen, for inspiration.

Laser projection shows can vary between a simple, but dramatic projection of colour and light, to really elaborate shows with full audio and complex graphics and animations.

Typical types of events where laser shows work well are large stadium events, charity functions, brand openings and launches. Combined with music, laser shows create a sense of drama and suspense that will leave people talking.


Do It Differently

Just because you’re running a corporate event, it doesn’t mean your event entertainment has to be boring. No matter what type of event you’re planning, when you look for ideas and plan beyond predictable forms of entertainment, you can create something really special.

All the examples of entertainment mentioned can be designed for a range of events, large or small. These types of event entertainment can be tailored to different budgets, a range of venues, and be designed to fit the specific style and theme of your event.

I hope some of these ideas have inspired you when planning your next corporate event. If you require any advice or assistance with event entertainment or a corporate event, contact us.

AUTHOR: Amber Coupe
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